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UMSC is a research centre at Umeå University, organised under the Faculty of Science and Technology and situated in Norrbyn, 40 kilometres south of Umeå. UMSC supports marine research and education, and performs environmental analysis on commission of swedish environmental monitoring. We also provide information about research and environmental status, with a particular focus on the Gulf of Bothnia.

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Invasive waterflea meets a barrier

The highly bioinvasive water flea Cercopagis pengoi has spread to most parts of the Baltic Sea. However, there seems to be a barrier to its expansion somewhere in the border area between the Bothnian Sea and the Bothnian Bay. Ecochange researchers have analysed monitoring data and performed detailed field studies to fill in some of the knowledge gaps concerning the role of this species in the northerly parts of the Baltic. The new results can be highly pertinent considering climate change predictions for the region.

The round goby in new thesis

Asocial, active and bold - that's the description of the frontline in the invasion force of the round goby. Magnus Thorlacius has investigated the role of individual variation in phenotypic traits on species invasions.

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Daryas hunt for the hidden toxic sources of the Baltic Sea

Darya Kupryianchyk is a researcher at Umeå University and participate in the project REACT. Her goal is to find what is causing the leakage of toxic substances from the fiber banks.

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EcoChange conference in Umeå March 10-12, 2015


Welcome to the EcoChange conference "Ecosystem dynamics in the Baltic Sea in a climate change perspective". A conference summarizing the latest research findings of climate change effects on the ecology and chemistry in the Baltic Sea, pinpointing important messages to stakeholders and decision makers in countries around the Baltic. During the conference both Ecochange- and other research will be presented, and we welcome oral presentations and posters within adjacent fields.

Conference webpage

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We arrange for transportation between Hörnefors and Norrbyn for researchers and PhD-students. Please contact Mikael Molin or Monica Johansson a few days ahead.