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The research programme EcoChange is all about discovering and predicting what ecological consequences climate changes - e g increased temperature and precipitation – will have on the Baltic Sea, and how the Baltic Sea will respond to these consequences.

For years, the Baltic Sea has been affected by eutrophication and overfishing. Now, climate changes threaten to accentuate these human-induced effects leading to ecosystem changes of hitherto unprecedented magnitudes.
Slideshow photos: Jerker Lokrantz/Azote

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Programme Summary

EcoChange is a research programme which intends to estimate and predict the climate change responses of the Baltic Sea. The programme is a collaboration of Umeå University (UmU), Linnaeus University in Kalmar (LnU), the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and the Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM). The programme is hosted by Umeå University. The program ran originally during 2010 to 2014, and is now prolonged.

Programme SummarySwedish SummaryThe research programme EcoChange examine land-sea interaction

Main Research Areas

The main goal in EcoChange is to describe and analyse key processes and factors of importance for the future structure and function of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. Human-induced change factors are important components in that complex picture.
Photo: Jerker Lokrantz/Azote

The research is divided into five integrated themes targeting different areas of the call.

Theme 1: Effects of changes of environmental drivers on the structure and productivity of the microbial food webTheme 2: Feedback of higher trophic levels and overharvestingTheme 3: Future changes in food web transport of legacy and emerging POPsTheme 4: Support for marine monitoringTheme 5: Integrated synthesis of the research

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Funding and Management

EcoChange is funded by the Swedish government, via Formas, as part of its Strategic Research Initiative on Marine Environmental Research.

The programme has been granted 35.4 MSEK for 2010 – 2014.

Funding and Management

Programme Coordinator

Agneta Andersson
Prof. Dept of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Umeå University 

Tel:  +46 90 786 98 45

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Vice Programme Coordinator

Catherine Legrand
Prof. School of Natural Sciences, Pro-rector
Linnaeus University 

Tel:  +46 480 44 73 09

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Theme Leaders

Theme 1Catherine Legrand
School of Natural Sciences
Linnaeus University

Theme 2Pär Byström
Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Umeå University

Theme 3Mats Tysklind
Dept. of Chemistry
Umeå University

Theme 4Johan Wikner
Umeå Marine Sciences Centre
Umeå University

Theme 5Agneta Andersson
Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Umeå University