22-23 November 2017


Food Web Efficiency in future climate conditions

-  integrating biodiversity, production and dynamics


A conference which summarized the latest research findings of climate change effects on the ecology and chemistry in the Baltic Sea, pinpointing important messages to stakeholders and decision makers in countries around the Baltic. 

Invited speakers:

Erik Björn, Umeå University: Composition of organic matter controls the formation of methylmercury in aquatic systems.

Jenny Ask, Umeå University: Connectivity between marine benthic and pelagic habitats.

Samuel Hylander, Linnaeus University: Deficiency syndromes in top predators are associated to large-scale changes in aquatic systems.

Agneta Andersson, Umeå University: Foodweb efficiency as an integrated indicator of environmental status in the Baltic Sea.

Ulla Li Zweifel, HELCOM Secretariat: Environmental status of the Baltic Sea based on biodiversity indicators; current use and future perspectives.

Irene Bohman, South Baltic River Basin District: Necessary steps towards a sustainable use of water from land to coast in the South Baltic Sea.

Per Larsson, Linnaeus University: Freshwater fish species take over the future Baltic Sea

Pitch of posters (digital only), open for all participants. (5-10 min pitch.)


Practical issues

The conference will be held in room A137 at Linnæus University, Landgången 4 in Kalmar. It is approximately a 5 minute walk from Kalmar bus and train station.

The conference starts on November 22 at 13.00, and ends on November 23 at 15.00. Flight and train to Malmö and Stockholm departures at 15.55 

Bus from Kalmar Airport:
Take bus 402 from Kalmar Airport to Kalmar Station. 

Taxi Kalmar

We recomend the following hotels:

First Hotel Witt

Scandic Kalmar Väst

Best Western Kalmarsund

Clarion Collection Hotel Packhuset

Any questions? Please contact Elisabeth Carlsson,

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Digital posters

A digital poster consists of either a static or dynamic digital object that focuses on a particular topic of your research. This may consist of a stand-alone single element, or it may consist of a mix of elements (such as a video, a slideshows, animated graphics, or other elements).

You present a 5 min. pitch of your digital poster. These posters will also be presented on the Ecochange web site after the meeting. 

Send your digital poster to Elisabeth Carlsson,

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