14-15 November 2018


Food Web Efficiency in future climate conditions

-  integrating biodiversity, production and dynamics 

A conference which summarized the latest research findings of climate change effects on the ecology and chemistry in the Baltic Sea, pinpointing important messages to stakeholders and decision makers in countries around the Baltic. 

The conference will be held at Umeå University, KBC "Lilla hörsalen".

The conference starts with lunch on November 14th at 12.00, and ends on November 15th at 14.45.

Presentations and programme

Key note speakers:

  • Management of Marine Protected Areas. Marine spatial planning in a changing climate
    Michael Haldin/Anette Bäck, Metsähallitus (Forststyrelsen) Finland
  • Biogeochemical transformation of organic matter in the coastal filter of the Baltic Sea
    Eero Asmala, University of Helsinki

We offer researchers and stakeholders the opportunity to give presentations during the conference. The presentations will be 15+5 minutes in length.

We will not organize a special poster session during the conference. Instead we offer the opportunity for short (5+5 minutes) presentations which will be included in the programme.

Closing date for presentation registration is October 16th.

The conference programme will be available shortly thereafter.


Please register to the conference on November 5th at the latest.
Closing date for presentation registration is October 16th.

The conference is free of charge.

Register here!


We recommend the following hotels:

Hotell Uman

Hotell U&Me

Questions? For questions concerning presentations and programme, please contact Agneta Andersson, agneta.andersson(at)

For practical issuses, please contact Kristina Viklund, kristina.viklund(at) or Marie Kårebrand, marie.karebrand(at)

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