Trophic interactions

Theme 2

Theme leader Pär Byström trawling for fish. Photo: Karl Byström.

Questions addressed within theme 2:

  • Are the indirect effects of climate change via organic carbon and nutrients affecting fish predation? Where has it gone the opposite: What is the effect of increased planktivores on the biodiversity of the planktonic food web?
  • How is regulation of fish communities and cascading effects on the food web affected by harvesting and climate-induced changes in productivity?
  • Do long-term monitoring data at lower trophic levels correlate with long-term data on fish, particularly for the Bothnian Sea? What are the recruitment habitats of perch and pike? And can they be defined through isotope analyses? How can the results be used for ecosystem-based fisheries management?

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Theme 2

Theme Leader

Pär Byström
Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Umeå University 

Tel:  +46 90 786 94 93

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Theme 2 Co-workers

Pär Byström
Per Hedström
Robert Lefébure
Rickard Degerman

Per Larsson
Karl Johan Persson
Kristofer Bergström
Elin Lindehoff
Catherine Legrand
Oscar Nordahl
Emil Fridolfsson
Markus Lindh
Emmelie Nilsson