Future changes in food web transport of legacy and emerging POPs

Theme 3

Theme leader Mats Tysklind sampling water and sediments outside a pulp mill industry area, assisted by Anna Palmbo-Bergman, from Umeå Marine Sciences Centre. Photo: Mikael Molin.

Questions addressed within theme 3:

  • How does climate-induced changes influense terrestrial fluxes of pollutants and dissolved organic carbon?
  • How does changed temperature, levels of dissolved organic carbon and nutrients, and carbon quality affect sorption and bioaccumulation of POPs in the three basins of the Baltic Sea? Do these changes lead to increased production of biogenic polybrominated dioxins?
  • How can complex relations between ecosystem function and pollutant food web transfer be described and used for food web modeling?

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Theme 3

Theme Leader

Mats Tysklind
Dept. of Chemistry
Umeå University 

Tel:  +46 90 786 66 68

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Mats Tysklind
Kristina Sundqvist
Kristina Arnoldsson

Peter Haglund
Matyas Ripszam
Rolf Andersson

Terry Bidleman

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